Southern Pacific 1744

2021 Restoration Work

Update 02/09/2021
Work progresses as we enter 2021.  The need for distancing and masks cramps our style a bit but the dedicated volunteers keep pushing ahead.

Update 04/25/2021
Work contiues on the running gear in Niles Canyon and the boiler at Stockton Locomotive Works in Colorado.  

Update 05/16/2021
The  work on 1744's pressure vessel is coming along nicely.  Here are the latest photos from the Stockton Locomotive Works.

Update 07/13/2021
New photos from the Colorado shop of Stockton Locomotive Works. It is looking more and more like a boiler.

Update 08/03/2021
New photos from the Niles Canyon Railway shops at Brightside.  The operation underway is the removal of a driver so it can be repaired.

Update 09/18/2021
The latest photos from Stockton Locomotive Works show the new side sheets being installed and staybolt work starting.

Update 11/07/2021
Here are the latest photos of boiler work from Stockton Locomotive Works.  These show the work through the end of October, 2021.  Firebox sheets are all installed and welded and staybolt holes are being drilled while waiting for the mud ring rivets to be manufactured.

Update 11/23/2021
Work on the 1744 continues at Brightside with the removal of the last of the drivers.  They will receive a general cleaning and all new tires.

Update 12/07/21
The major work focus has been on the drivers and the removal of their tires.  Here are photos of the process.

Please help us with restoration of the SP1744.

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