Southern Pacific 1744

2021 Restoration Work

Update 02/09/2021
Work progresses as we enter 2021.  The need for distancing and masks cramps our style a bit but the dedicated volunteers keep pushing ahead.

Update 04/25/2021
Work contiues on the running gear in Niles Canyon and the boiler at Stockton Locomotive Works in Colorado.  

Update 05/16/2021
The  work on 1744's pressure vessel is coming along nicely.  Here are the latest photos from the Stockton Locomotive Works.

Update 07/13/2021
New photos from the Colorado shop of Stockton Locomotive Works. It is looking more and more like a boiler.

Update 08/03/2021
New photos from the Niles Canyon Railway shops at Brightside.  The operation underway is the removal of a driver so it can be repaired.
Please help us with restoration of the SP1744.

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