Southern Pacific 1744

2020 Restoration Work

The first order of business after sending payment and having a signed purchase agreement was to go to Alamosa and get all of the 1744's parts.  The tender was easy as it was all in one piece but there were numerous piles of locomotive parts to deal with.  The parts were stored in various locations over a mile apart such as the old railroad freight shed, steam shop, in piles scattered around the wye and in 4 old stock car bodies.  With much backbreaking effort, three locally purchased containers were filled with the locomotive parts.

After a week of loading, the crew flew home from Alamosa.  There was no rest for the weary though as early Monday morning the 4 trucks arrived at Brightside along with a large crane from Peninsula Crane.  The crane size was dicated by the 53,000 lb weight of the tender which was shipped off of its trucks.

Please help us with restoration of the SP1744.

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