Robert Dollar Lumber Company #3

Work Photos
Dave, Gerald, Johnathon and Henry guiding the tank past the stack and cab roof.
Dave, Johnathon, Henry getting the tank past some piping.  The job is nearly done.


Johnathon and Doug rigging the sand domes for lifting.
Gerald, Garrett, Henry and Johnathon set a sand dome back on top of the saddle tank.
A steam locomotive requires inspections on all the flexible staybolts every five years.  On the NCRY tank engines, this requires removing the tanks for access to the staybolt caps.  Despite our best planning, both the #2 and #3 have their five year inspections fll in the same calendar year.

CJ reinstalling the jacket section that covers the flexible staybolts.
Supervisor Kruger watching Scott lap the throttle.

Johnathon and Scott bolt down the dome lid with the boiler interior inspeced and the throttle reinstalled.


Ah yes, there is nothing like a cold winter day for a boiler wasy.  Even in California.

Charlie and Henry geting ready to lift the saddle tank off.
After gingerly lifting the tank up past the stack and cab, the crane quickly lifts the tank above the engine.

Henry and Charlie watch Johnathon on a tag line guiding the tank to its temporary home on a flat car.
The #3 heading back to the shop after a short 30 minute detanking.

Big jim takes on one of the nastier jobs on any steam locomotive, cleaning out the smoke box.

Having installed a new water glass on the Number 3, test pilot Charles is ready for launch.
June 21, 2008
Installing the right side branch pipe in the smoke box.  Both pipes were found to be cracked and had to be repaired by an expensive process done in Fresno.

Patrice Warren Photo
May 9, 2009
Henry and Dave getting ready to drop the pilot truck axle again.
Johnathon and Dave remove the journal box from the axle.
The axle awaiting re-installation.
Alan Siegwarth Photos
February 9, 2009

Johnathon and David in the pit, chaining up the pilot truck frame.
February 9, 2009

The boys having pulled the axle.
Measurments are taken while Henry and David supervise.
March, 2007

Number 2 and number 3 waiting patiently for the start of "Tank Fest"

Johnathon Kruger Photo
January, 2007

The #3's first trip to Sunol with the #2 along for support - Jeff Schwab and Charles Franz running the #3, Johnathon Kruger and Dave Loyola running the #2

Alan Siegwarth photos.
December 30, 2006
The roundhouse crew poses with the ready to road test locomotive.  Left to right,  Errol Ohman, Chris Holombo, Alan Siegwarth, Johnathon Kruger, Gerald Dewitt and Les Fisher.

HPWise Photo

December, 2006

Alan Siegwarth, Les Fisher, Gerald Dewitt, and Henry Chandler discussing the new location of #3's water tank.
Johnathon Kruger Photo
December, 2006

Charles Franz making some fine adjustments in the cab.

Johnathon Kruger Photo
November, 2006

Rigging the saddle tank to the P&H "Big Hook".  Alan climbs off the tank after setting the lifting straps while Dave is watching in the foreground.
November, 2006
Gerald and Charlie having fun installing boiler insullation.
Johnathon giving signals to the P&H as riggers Dave Alan and Chris wait for the tank to be lowered over the engine.  Installing the tank is a might tight fit.
September 7, 2006

Chris Holombo bending a jacket band.
Errol Ohman working on valve cages.
Fall, 2006

Alan Siegwarth painting #3's boiler jacket.
Ready for the water tank to be installed.
Johnathon Kruger Photos
July 15, 2006

Jeff and Gerold drilling a crosshead guide.
July 2, 2006

Errol and Phiil installing window awnings.
Alan and Gerold working on crosshead guides.

July 30, 2005

Installing the air compressor.
Fall, 2003

Gerald Dewitt and Chris Campi making parts for RD#3.

Johnathon Kruger Photo
Fall, 2003

 Errol Ohman and Alan Siegwarth removing front shop truck from RD#3.

Johnathon Kruger, Photo
Fall, 2003

Front truck for RD#3 assembled and ready to go under the locomotive - Chris Campi, John Hansen, Johnathon Kruger, Alan Siegwarth
Fall, 2003

Removing rear shop truck - Errol Ohman, Gerald Dewitt, Seth A(?)

Johnathon Kruger Photo

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