Quincy Railroad No. #2

Current Operations
October 17, 2010
Last day of steam for 2010.

Johnathon Kruger Photos
September 20, 2009
Firing up in her stall early in the morning.
Chris Holombo oiling around at Sunol.
Coming into "George Rivera Curve"
David Loyola Photos
June 21, 2009

The number 2 makes quick work of switching out 500 tons of dead diesel locomotives in preparation for
the Father's Day trains.
Johnathon Kruger photo
April 12, 2009

Nice Doug Vanderlee photograph of double headed steam at Farmers Crossing.
April 4, 2009

#2 and #3 double head across Farwell bridge.
#2 and #3 switching in Sunol.
Alan Siegwarth Photos
March, 2009
The Steamies prepare #2 for service
on her return from driver bearing work.
Kevin Zimmerman Photos
March, 2009
Quincy #2 double heads with the  Robert Dollar #3
on her return from driver bearing work.

Kevin Zimmerman Photos
March, 2009
Quincy #2 double heads with the  Robert Dollar #3 on her return
 from driver bearing work.
Kevin Zimmerman Photos
March 2009
Quincy #2 and Robert Dollar #3 at Sunol and Niles during the test runs.

Alan Siegwarth Photos
June, 2007
Yosemite Valley Railroad 100th anniversary train with the #2 in June 2007, this was her last run before driver work.

Johnathon Kruger Photo
April 1, 2007

Waiting for depature time from the Niles station.

Alan Siegwarth Photo
#2 pushing PLA's restored Associated Oil tank car.  Photo by Alan Siegwarth in August, 2006.  Photograph inspired by Stan Kistler's photograph of the Quincy #2 pushing a similar tank car across a bridge in September 1953.  Photograph taken and donated by Stan Kistler to the Pacific Locomotive Association archives.
July 4, 2006
Quincy Junction in the 1950's or Niles Junction 2005?  Quincy #2 with a heavy freight meets the WP 918 at Niles as part of the July 4, 2005 PLA members event.
Alan Siegwarth Photo
April 16, 2006

Moody picture of the Quincy #2 entering Sunol on a cloudy, cool day surrounded by a cloud of steam.

Alan Siegwarth  Photo
April, 2006

Eastbound leaving Brightside.

Johnathon Kruger Photo
October 14, 2004
On the last operation of the #2 for the year, we wre lucky enough to make a trip to Hearst to pick up the Caltrain cars that were leased to PLA just in time to be decorated for Train Of Lights service.
Photos by Alan Siegwarth and Doug Vanderlee
October 14, 2004
September, 2004
#2 and SP 1423 staged in Niles for a photographers special.  At this time, the track did not extend much further beyond either train as the Niles bridges were being replaced by Caltrans.
Summer, 2004
Quincy #2 ready to go at the start of the day.
Eastbound at Farwell with the passenger train.

Johnathon Kruger Photos
April 3, 2004

Leaving Sunol at the beginning of the Wild Flower season.  Chris at the throttle with Gerald riding the cab step.
April, 2004

Fresh out of the shop from its FRA Part 230 inspection, the #2 is getting some road testing.
March, 2004

#2 pulls the business car "Western" to Sunol for display for the cars 100th birthday.  The public loved to compare the condtion of the unrestored Western to the PLA's restored cars.
February, 2004

David Loyola photos of a regular operation.

Sierra "Iron Horse Roundup" found the Quincy #2 trucked to Oakdale for a weekend steam event.  And Errol still had to get dirt

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