Clover Valley Lumber Company #4

Historic Photographs
Below is an article published in August, 1947 in "The Americal Eagle" magazine which was the company publication for the employees of the American Box Corporation.  The magazine is from the collection of Martin E. Hansen and is used with permission.
Original Baldiwn builders photo of the number 4.
Martin Hansen collection, used with permission.
Doug Richter photo, June 1, 1947
Loyalton, California
Martin E. Hansen Collectionm used with permission.
Wil Whittaker photo, 5-13-50
Unknown location but appears to be an excursion.
Johnathon Kruger Collection
Photo taken near Loyalton, California circa 1939.

David Loyola Collection
While not a photo of the number 4, this interesting advertisement for the Clover Valley Lumber Company was published in the American Lumbermen Magazine on June 5, 1937.

David Loyola Collection
Unknown Date
Early picture of the #4 before the cab/oil bunker was modified by Clover Valley. 
Photograph by J. Brent McGreggor, Pacific Locomotive Association Archives.
May 1950.  
Photo by Guy Dunscomb, Martin E. Hansen Collection.
Photo circa 1957
In stationery boiler service at Tahoe Timber Company of Verdi, Nevada.
Mike Myers Collection.
July 1974
Number 4 arriving at Castro Point on board a Bigge Drayage articulated trailer.
HPWise Photo
July, 1974
Number 4's front engine after unloading from a Bigge trailer.
HPWise Photo

Photo circa 1983
Clover Valley Lumber #4 in service on the Castro Point Railway.
Dan Furtado Photo
Photo circa 1985
Number 4 returning to Castro Poimt from the ATSF interchange after delivering a load of PLA equipment for movement to storage in Oakland.  This was the very last steam powered movement on the CPRY.
HPWise Photo

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