Clover Valley Lumber Co. #4

 2010 Restoration Work Log


Johnathon was found under the engine working on the blowdown valve.
Henry working in the smokebox.  The liner is almost welded in place.  Next will come the nozzle.

Jeff happily cutting fire brick for Alan.
Alan installing fire brick in the pan.
Completed brickwork at the end of the night

Henry welding a bracket for the air brake system.
Chris working on making a new steam supply pipe for the engineer's side injector.  All the steam piping in the cab will be replaced by the time we finish.
Pam wrapping a steam pipe with insulation.
Pam, Jim, Chris and Henry taking a break while installing the smokebox liner.  There are only a few more feet to go.
Jim, Henry and Chris admire the installed liner.  Now comes a bunch of welding and bolting to tie the plate down in the smokebox.
Jim painting running gear.

Henry grinding on a new bracket.

The beginning of the brick work in the fire pan.
The great mason reaching out of  the job site.

Backhead looking better every workday with piping and appurtances being added.
Wait, wait!  Not quite ready yet.  This is never a good sight when inside the firebox caulking stays.

Henry Chandler finishing up on smokebox repairs.

240 pounds of hydrostatic pressure on the gauge!!

Kruger looking for leaks with the hydro pump in the foreground.
The mad plumber has moved from the Pettibone to the cab of the number 4.
Wild West at Brightside.
 Gerald holding Jim up with an injector mock up made to arrange brackets and piping.

Les running running new piping in the tight confines under the engine.

Chris working on piping under the cab floor.

Johnathon working on the pettibone brakes.

You can never have enough vice grips!  Jim showing off his paint brush extender tool.

Some of the new firing piping running under the new firepan floor.


Jeff and Charlie hydro testing more superheater units.
Johnathon firing the water heater.  Using the #2 to heat water in the #4 in preparation for the hydro test.
Gerald and Jim working on the fireman's side injector.
Jeff and Charlie hydro testing superheater units.
Henry burning some more rod.. The amount of welding done during the smokebox repair
is amazing.  We should have bought welding rod by the case.
Backhead piping in progress, with most of the new firing manifold piping complete.  It is amazing how much time has been spent laying out and installing this piping.  Some of those involved include Les Fisher, Johnathon Kruger, Chris Holombo, Pam Cravens and Alan Siegwarth.
Always time to answer the phone, despite the dirt.

Gerald and Jim cutting metal to be used in repainting the cab.
Henry Chandler working on smokebox repairs.

Scott Martel doing a little metal cleaning on the running gear.

Replacement of the bottom smokebox sheet is almost complete.  The outer shell is installed and welded into place.
Jeff grinding the rear tube sheet preparing for tube installation.  Henry is on the right, removing a stay.
Closeup of Henry burning out an old staybolt.
New Member Jim wire brushing one of the many tank support brackets.
Les working removing plumbing from the blowdown valve.
One more replacement stay to go in the boiler blackhead.
Pam and Gerald threading staybolt on the engineers side of the cab.
John tirelessly wiring brushing the frame and running gear to remove all the rust, caked grease and dirt built up over many years of service.  Not a glamorous job, but thanks to John the engine will look much better when it returns to service.
Another not so glamorous job, Jim is wire brushing the tank support brackets in preparation for painting.

Tapping another staybolt hole.
Gerald and Pam continue working on staybolts on the engineers side of the cab.

Pam threading in a new flexible staybolt.
Henry threading blackhead stays.  The second tap sticking out of the sheet is being driven by Pam in the firebox.
Gerald cleaning up stay threads with a die. 
Tapping stays two at a time. 
Chris rethreading the side tank support bracket mounting holes on the boiler.

Henry tapping the holes in one of the new flush patches installed in the firebox in preparation for installing  new staybolts.
C.J. painting one of the many tank support brackets.
Gerald is cleaning the threads on PLA's stock of staybolts.  Many of these stays will be used in the $4 but those that are not will be checked for size, cleaned, cosmolined and stored properly for use in the future.
Alan threading in a new flexible staybolt.  (David Loyola photo)

Two new flexible staybolts installed, two more to go in this area of the firebox.
Henry in the firebox working on tapping staybolt holes.
Jim (or at least his hands) threading a new rigid staybolt into place on the engineer's side sheet from outside the cab.  Great place to work - right next to the cab floor and wall.  The power reverse and other linkage had to be removed for this work.
Completed tube sheet installation after riveting and welding.

One of the completed firebox flush patches in the firebox.
Blake backing rivets with Johnathon Kruger providing added force by pushing on Blake's arms.
John with Dave adding weight riveting another one.  Doug stands by to tell the backing crew how the process is going.
Blake backing a hot rivet underneath the boiler.  Down below, Johnathon Kruger is helping by pushing on Blake's arms to back the riveting.
Using tongs to handle the hot rivet, Henry Chandler puts a rivet in the hole while Blake waits to start backing with a 90 pound gun.
Rivet being heated until white hot in the rivet oven.
Dave Loyola and Doug Vanderlee listen as John Rimmasch explains the top side riveting procedure.  Dave will help John by adding weight on John's shoulder to keep the air gun down.  Doug will communicate with the rivet heating crew.
The lower portion of the front tube sheet had to be removed had reduced the thickness of the knuckle below safe levels.
Wasatch Railroad Contractors welder Blake welding up cab wear on the rear door sheet.

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